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The strangest things to be covered in shrink wrap

By August 31, 2016No Comments

Shrink wrap film is very versatile and can be used for many things; there are few industries that it won’t be used in. But there are somethings that are just a bit too strange to be covered in shrink wrap!

We’ve taken a look at some of the strangest things to wrapped up in this brilliant material:


Couples do strange things for their wedding photos, but we have found the oddest one of all. In Japan, couple are climbing into shrink wrap bags and getting the air sucked out, to pose for the most incredible and extremely bizarre photos. Some of the people are nude, some in funky costumes, and some even with their bike! Photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi has been shrink wrapping people for a while, and always has a paramedic on standby in case something goes wrong.

Houses – and everything within

Shrink wrapping everyday household items as a prank has been seen many times before, but the whole house and everything inside is on another scale. Though in this instance it wasn’t a prank, as a man from Manchester shrink wrapped his whole house after a divorce, to ensure that the home was kept in the highest standards of cleanliness for buyers. The man said he wrapped everything from the floors, to the bannisters and even the lavatory.

Cars and bikes

This isn’t particularly strange, but as cars and bikes are generally not meant to be shrink wrapped once out and about on the road, we think cars fit here. You can find made videos online of people pranking friends and family with shrink wrapped cars and bikes, and even a few ‘How to’ videos on the best way to wrap up the vehicles in the plastic material!


Again, helicopters are a sneaky one to mention on this list, as helicopters are shrink wrapped before being used, to keep them in the best condition possible. But we have to include helicopters as they just look so bizarre when wrapped in shrink wrap – just take a look at the picture for the evidence!


Not actually real life animals, but concept drawings of what animals would look like shrink wrapped. Paleoartists John Conway and C.M. Koseman drew modern animals in the way movies depict dinosaurs. We have come to expect a certain look from dinosaurs, but scientists actually think those giant beasts looked very different to those seen in Jurassic Park. The artists drew their impressions of what animals like cows, swans, zebras and even hummingbirds would look like ‘shrink wrapped’ as if the animal was just skeleton, muscle and skin.

Now you know the strange things that have been covered in shrink wrap – for real or just virtually – you can get some shrink wrap film yourself and go nuts – or use it normally for packaging! We can help either way, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Photo by: Bart Jackson