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The expanding food industry along with health and safety concerns relating to food products during transit are factors which have helped boost the growth of shrink wrap film. For a material with many uses, the forecast for its expansion in the food industry is positive.

Food industry experts are keen to differentiate shrink wrap film from other packaging materials, due to its flexibility and easy handling features. In recent years, shrink wrap has become a favourite for the global packaging industry, and it is easy to why that is the case.

A polymer plastic film, made of either PVC or polyolefin, shrink wrap film is heated once covering the product that shrinks it to fit the shape. PVC and polyolefin shrink wrap film serves the purpose of keeping the product, be it food items like meats, cheese, vegetables or pizza, stable, clean and tamper resistant. Using shrink wrap has also been found to be more environmentally friendly, as we covered in a previous post.

The outlook for shrink wrap film for food packaging looks set for an increase in growth greater than other food packaging. Demand for food packaging film was estimated to reach nearly 17 million tonnes in 2015, and meat and fish account for around 32% of the global market for shrink film packaging.

At Kempner we have great experience in the food packing industry, with a great selection of PVC and polyolefin shrink wrap film as well as packaging machines.