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A supermarket fridge filled with plastic-wrapped vegetables

You might have heard all about the benefits of shrink wrap as packaging. It’s brilliant stuff, but just in case you haven’t, here is why shrink wrap is a great packaging option.

Shrink wrap is a plastic film packaging that you can wrap around anything, no matter the shape or size. It is the application of heat that makes this wrap shrink to tightly fit around any object you desire, and then consequentially, seals itself.

If you own a food business, shrink wrap should be high on your list as a packaging option. Here are some of the fantastic reasons you should be using shrink wrap for your food!


1) Environmentally Friendly

Maybe the most crucial point in our current climate is that shrink wrap is 100% recyclable. It also has an LDPE rating of 4, which means it’s safe to come into contact with food. This means shrink wrap can grip your food products without leaching any harmful materials or allowing microorganisms to infiltrate the packaging. There are several nvironmentally friendly shrinkwrap options, such as compostable and recyclable materials. We are also keen to promote sugarcane polyolefin as a greener alternative. This new generation of films can contain up to 51% sugarcane cellulose. The inclusion of renewable materials is a great feature of these materials. The can provide the same benefits as conventional films, but with considerably greener footprint.


2) Durability

The durability of shrink wrap packaging is one of the most excellent qualities it has. It’s very durable, tough plastic which is impressive considering how thin it is. Once the shrink wrap has had heat applied, it will not loosen! But not only that, it doesn’t weaken or become brittle regardless of the temperature it might be exposed to. It also doesn’t tear or puncture, which is ideal for transporting food goods.


3) Preservation

The preservation that shrink wrap provides is invaluable for food companies for many reasons. One is travel. Shrink wrapping your food products means people can enjoy food from all over the world, unspoiled, which is a very special thing to be able to offer your customers.

Also, notably, the shrink wraps ability to extend the shelf life of foods is a brilliant bonus. This should also minimise food waste, which is a significant side effect.


4) Tampering

Since shrink wrap is able to hold its shape once the heat has been applied, this makes it very apparent if a product has been tampered with. For this reason, food companies and pharmaceutical companies use shrink wrap for their products as a means of monitoring safety and hygiene. Shrink wrap can also be used as a tamper wrap underneath another packaging.


 5) Cost-effective

When using shrink wrap as packaging, you only use the absolute maximum amount you need. This means you will only ever be paying for what you use, and that your packaging shrink wrap would last much longer than alternative packing solutions.

This also means that using shrink wrap is an excellent way to reduce packaging waste. You can package multiple things together with shrink wrap, with the added bonus of space-saving too.


6) Waterproof Packaging

No one wants soggy food. Shrink wrap helps prevent this from happening with its waterproof capability. Not only does that mean shrink-wrapped food will hold up in the adverse weather, but it will also stop other contaminants such as dust, grease or even environment pollution getting into the food.


7) Branding

Branding is important to every business. How successful a product is doesn’t just rely on the product itself. How you market your product will play a significant factor in if it is chosen off the shelves or not. This is where shrink wrap comes in handy. It is used widely for branding purposes and labels for many reasons, including those mentioned above. With shrink wrap, you are literally wrapping your brand around the whole product.


If you want to start shrink wrapping your food at your business, and you’re not quite sure where to start, have a talk with us over here at Kempner. We can find the ideal shrink wrap machine for food products that can help you achieve your product goals.