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He we have outlined 7 great food packaging designs in 2019. Packaging is very important as it is not only the sole protector of your product, but it also can double up as some very effective marketing, if you get it right.

Not only that, consumers look for an indication from packaging that they are making the ‘right choice’. This, in itself, gives a lot of power to the packaging alone.

Let’s take a look at some great food packaging designs this year.


In 2019, we are much more conscious about packing than we have ever been. Flexibility is definitely something we look for in packaging as our on-the-go lifestyles get busier by the day.

To be able to squish, shape and mould products into our bags and around everything else has become more important to consumers.


Environmental awareness

It’s 2019, and we are more aware than ever about the impact we are having on our environment. This is shaping a new movement in packaging goods, and especially with food.

Shrink wrapping food is a good option as it limits waste, only using literally the right amount of packaging for the product. Also, in terms of food, shrink wrap helps preserve food and avoid spoilage, which saves on waste too!


Less is more

A popular trend amongst food packaging at the moment is the “less is more”. By design, it is implemented by using the least packaging possible for a product. This and the environmental awareness ties in together.

7 great food packaging designs in 2019

Biodegradable packaging

Biodegradable packaging is the most significant packaging design trend of 2019, reflective of the environmentally conscious and the ‘less is more’ movement. Innovative packaging solutions such as mushroom Styrofoam, algae-based plastics and see through hemp wrap packaging offer sustainable solutions to packaging products with the same security and quality consumers are used to.

We see a push in biodegradable design, most recently a compound polylactic acid (PLA), which is made from fermented sugars, created into biodegradable packaging. This trend will almost definitely continue in the foreseeable future.

Reusable packaging

Consumers do think about ‘reusable’ packaging now, and not necessarily for reusing as packaging. In an age of social media, platforms like Pinterest give a whole new meaning to reusable. With hundreds of craft ideas being shared, packaging for yoghurt pots are being turned into seed starters, glass jars are being reused as drinking glasses or decorative holders, and wooden boxes are being used as rustic storage.

Baring this in mind can be beneficial, especially if you offer a product where the reusable packaging could be collected for craft projects.

Stylistic design

7 great food packaging designs in 2019


Minimalism as a design has been around for a long while and is still very much in focus for 2019 packaging. This keeps things simple for the consumers and is a ‘no fuss’ design.


Transparent design is also another firm favourite among consumers because it gives a realistic representation of the product. Consumers like to see what they are buying, get a feel for the product, check its freshness and not just take a labels word for it. This is where shrink wrap is another great option for packaging products, offering a maximum visibility and minimal waste combination.

7 great food packaging designs in 2019



Vintage design preys predominantly on our love for nostalgia. One of the 7 great food packaging designs in 2019 is vintage design.
Consumers are much more likely to buy a product if they have an association of a fond memory to do with it. For the lucky ones, this is usually something that dates back to a positive childhood experience, or something that could remind us of ‘the simpler times’.

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