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No matter where you go and how you live, it is difficult in the Western world to live without shrink wrap. Most products in shops have been shrink-wrapped, if not when you buy them, then almost certainly when being transported. In this article, we discuss some of the most commonly shrink-wrapped products and why people choose to shrink wrap them.


Loose pills outside of shrink wrapped packaging

We’ve talked before about how shrink wrapping pharmaceuticals with polyolefin shrink film are creating a safer future. However, it is worth pointing out precisely how important this is: shrink-wrapped medicines are protected from moisture which can weaken or destroy certain drugs. It can also extend drug shelf life even further. Finally, shrink wrapping pharmaceuticals mean they have a tamperproof container, so you know the drugs you are getting have not been accidentally or purposively removed or replaced.


Frozen Food

Freezer filled with assorted goods

Frozen food is commonly shrink wrapped to last much longer and stop excess water (and therefore ice) from entering the product, upsetting and ruining its taste. Shrink wrapping creates a moisture barrier that helps protect products while keeping them tasting fresh. It also creates a bright display of the frozen good so consumers can see what they are getting while the product is still in the freezer case.


Exam Papers

A child doing an exam paper

A school or university needs to be delivered hundreds, if not thousands, of exam papers every year. Of course, secrecy of the questions in advance is absolutely essential – if students could see the exam before being tested, then they could prepare for those specific questions and essentially ‘cheat’ in their exams. Shrink wrapping is useful because you cannot remove the wrap without tearing it open, which rather obviously shows that the product has been tampered with. Other alternative means of wrapping require either a lot more manual effort or a lot more time to wrap the exam papers. As such, automated shrink wrapping machinery like the ones we offer at Kempner are extremely popular for exam paper wrapping.



Scaffolding with polyolefin shrink film cover

Shrinkwrap has been used for years on scaffolding projects. The majority of scaffolders use shrink wrap in at least some of their scaffolding projects on bridges, railways, power stations, airports, and more. Shrink wrapping is popular because it is extremely weather-resistant, can stop dangerous residues entering the atmosphere from activities like shot blasting, and in general looks nicer and more professional than its competitors.  Shrink wrap for scaffolding is more expensive than traditional scaffold sheeting but comes with a host of benefits that makes it popular among builders.



Boat with polyolefin shrink film cover

If you own a small boat and need to protect it over the winter, or need to transport it by freight across a very long distance, you can either shrink wrap your boat or find and rent a garage-sized room somewhere. Shrink wrap is often chosen over renting space to home your boat because the cover creates an extremely tight and strong seal around your vehicle to keep it safe. It also protects your boat’s exterior from damaging sun rays which, after months of exposure without going back in the water, can go dry and start to flake. Re-detailing and rebuffing your boat can cost as much if not more than shrink wrapping it in the first place, and renting a room for your boat certainly so. As such, boats are very often shrink-wrapped when they’re not going to be in use for months at a time.


Animal Chew Toys

Dog with a chew toy

Animal chew toys like bones or treats are usually shrink wrapped with very few exceptions. This is because these products taste the way they do because of the careful balance of ingredients, and allowing external factors to enter the product would ruin the taste. Shrink wrapping the bones and treats before being used means they last longer and retain more flavour, and can be much more easily transported from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer. Shrink wrapping machinery is commonly used wherever animal chew toys are manufactured because they can quickly and cheaply wrap up and protect a huge number of goods in a short period of time.


These are just six different industries which use shrink wrap, but many others find it essential to their business. Are you thinking about incorporating shrink wrapping machinery into your operation? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide our expertise.