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There is a myriad of different reasons why shrink wrapping is imperative for the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the sensitive nature of the products, packaging has never been more critical. We’ve included a list of some of the most vital reasons why a shrink wrap machine should be used in the packaging process. So, for more information, take a look at the list below!

tablets about to be wrapped using a shrink wrap machine

1 – Durability

One of the reasons why shrink wrap is so durable is down to it being so flexible. Created from a high-quality polyolefin material, it is hard to damage which means in the shipment and transportation of pharmaceuticals, and it prevents the likelihood of any tampering to take place. This is also essential when being exposed to varying degrees of temperature, whether that’s warmer climates or sub-zero locations.

2 – Protection

Shrink wrap is vital if you’re looking for a method of protecting items of different sizes. Due to its flexibility, it can be moulded to lots of various shapes and designs. One of the reasons that this is important when it comes to protecting pharmaceuticals is that it can create an air-tight environment, preventing any damages that could potentially occur. What’s more is that Shrink wrapping can adequately safeguard the items enclosed from harmful factors such as moisture, dirt and other damages. It will also allow for storage in a refrigerator, water or ice.

3 – Cost-effective

Shrink wrap is incredibly affordable, which is why businesses return to using it time and time again as a method for packaging. There are various additional reasons for this. However, one of the main contributing factors is due to the small amount of space that it takes up. This means that during transportation, more of each product can be sent out in one shipment, saving on delivery costs. Furthermore, when your company invests in your own shrink wrap machine, the return on investment is very high, cutting your costs even further.

4 – Convenience

As mentioned above, saving space is one of the most convenient things about this packaging method. However, it can eliminate the need for outer packagings, such as cardboard boxes and pallets altogether! Also, due to it being able to be used on a variety of different products, it means that it can be used for any project that you may have. This is especially important in pharmaceuticals due to the varying sizes that you may need to package.

5 – Tamper proof

Checking as to whether your pharmaceuticals is of paramount importance and is the number one thing that you need to take into consideration. Due to the essential nature of this, there is a process which you can undertake to make sure that nothing can be altered. This involves creating an inner seal either of foil or polymer film which is then adhered to the inside of the container. Next, ensure that all lids are securely fastened so that nothing should be able to be accidentally loosened. These two steps will not only ensure that the product remains untouched but also that it cannot gather moisture or be contaminated. Lastly, a layer of shrink wrap over the container forms a tamper evident seal, which will alert you if any changes have been attempted to the item.