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Mintel, the global market research and market insight organisation has predicted an interesting insight into the packaging trends of 2018. The marketing intelligence provided by the giant Mintel is vital for businesses both large and small to utilise and assist them in making business decisions. The credible source gathers extensive research and data, evaluating various markets, competition and products across the whole world.

A graph showing 2018’s packaging trends

Benjamin Punchard, the global packaging insights direct at Mintel, said that both consumers and businesses are evolving to understand that packaging is one of the primary resources in reducing global food and product waste. The report went on the detail that there is a belief that consumers are beginning to realise their contribution to both food waste and littering worldwide. In 2018, consumers are expected to select a product or a competitor depending on the packaging used, as well as whether the product suits their need.


Another of the points is how businesses and consumers will be demanding more from the packaging. With innovations in the packaging industry designed to increase the shelf-life of food items, protect the quality of the food, and ensure it is safe for consumption when the consumer receives it. It is predicted that consumers will become educated on the benefits of packaging solutions such as polyolefin shrink wrap and how they protect the environment. The energy used to produce the food, that may be wasted if not packaged, exceeds, by a considerable amount, the energy used to package the item.


Mintel also predict that in 2018, consumers will be expecting a high-standard and experience from the transit packaging that the items they have brought online are delivered in. The experience of opening the product in their own home should match, or be better than shopping in-store. Get ahead of the industry and look at our recent blog of how to boost your brand with transit packaging.


Clean labelling is predicted to be one of the biggest trends of 2018. With consumers opting for packaging with a clearer, concise and clean feel to the design. With store shelves causing confusion and chaotic feelings amongst consumers, the eye will naturally be drawn to products that offer clarity with a simple and understated design.


The report states that both consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of how packaging is affecting the environment and that both parties are acting upon the difficulties faced worldwide. In a recent statement, Mintel said: “Only by communicating that a brand is working towards a solution will this growing barrier to purchase be overcome”. The statement indicates that unless businesses are seen by the consumer to be making a conscious effort in choosing the right packaging solution and ensuring the items can be recycled or reused, they are likely to choose a competitor or not buy the item at all.


How do the Mintel predications affect your business? Will you be altering any of your business functions in 2018 after discovering these? Let us know via our social media channels.