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Packaging is a vital part of a product and business. Within seconds of seeing the product, the consumer has made up their mind on the perceived quality and value of an item. In such a competitive market, these seconds are vital for businesses who are striving to achieve a sale. Many businesses, both established and start-ups, don’t utilise the potential of the packaging of their product, it is often the last element of production and can be over-looked or rushed, which is a fundamental mistake. The following guide will highlight some of the oversights that businesses miss when it comes to their product packaging.

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During the design, redesign or when your business is taking part in an internal marketing analysis, it is essential to investigate what the competitors are doing in comparison to you. Gather three to five of the competitors’ products and place them alongside yours. With a team, discuss the advantages and negatives of the packaging, that the competitors and yourselves have used. Discuss which packaging solution stands out and how you could make your product grab the attention of the consumer and steal the limelight from the competitors.


Simplicity here, doesn’t refer to the graphic design of your product. Instead, it relates to the ease of use, function and use of the packaging. Consumers are attracted to smart packaging solutions, such as Polyolefin shrink film. Packaging that is easy to use promotes quick access to the product and ultimately protects their goods is more likely to be picked up by the consumer. Packaging that is overly complicated seems too excessive or is difficult to open can cause frustration amongst consumers, which can result in them choosing your competitor’s product instead of yours.

The Right Packaging Solution for Your Business

Consumers expect the goods they purchase to be in the best condition possible; there shouldn’t be any damage or wear to the product or the packaging, as this can discourage the consumer. When deciding on which packaging is right for your business and product, it is important to consider the quality of the packaging and whether it will remain presentable after the manufacturing and distribution stage. The product and the packaging should be presentable and undamaged when it arrives in the hands of the consumer, quality is key.


Shops and supermarkets have a limited amount of space, and usually, they can’t afford to waste valuable shelf space with a product that has an excessive volume of packaging. Retailers are inclined to sway towards products that have streamlined packaging, as this enables them to utilise the space and provide more variety for the consumer. Excessive packaging is also costly, and it is either the business or the consumer that will need to absorb the cost, this will either increase running costs or the price of the product. Reducing the packaging will reduce the business expenses.


Re-evaluating your current packaging solution and design can provide the boost in sales and brand awareness that your business needs. Although it takes time and money, a re-vamp of your brand and packaging can increase your market share by putting you above your competitors. The packaging you use provides a visual portrayal of the business to your consumers, it gives them a strong message, one that should be monitored and updated.


Product packaging can either encourage consumers to purchase your product or send them to your competitor. It is vital for businesses to carefully consider their options to maximise chances.

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