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No matter how big or small, if you’re a business which distributes and sells products online, product packaging is something that will be important to you. Not only is good packaging needed to protect your goods while in transit, but both the quality and appearance of your packaging will ultimately determine a consumer’s first impression of your business, making it an important aspect of your product. If you’re a business belonging to one of the sectors below, you could hugely benefit from using shrink wrap packaging.

Shrink Wrap: A container of spilled blue and black pills

Catering Industry

The catering industry is one of the most thriving sectors in need of quality packaging, with shrink wrap being a popular choice for many when it comes to packaging food and drinks. Not only does the durability of shrink wrap ensure these types of products are safe from contamination but it also keeps them fresher for longer. Shrink wrap, when properly applied by shrinkwrap machinery is particularly beneficial for food packaging as it can help starve the product of too much oxygen, keeping it concealed and unspoilt. 

Additionally, shrink wrap packaging also enables potential buyers to view the quality of the product they are selecting before purchasing it. This is especially useful when it comes to products such as meat, fish and other seafood, which consumers usually like to look a certain way.

Hospitality Suppliers

From towels and flannels to bed sheets and duvet covers, suppliers to the hospitality industry use shrink wrap to package a large variety of products. However, linen products in particular benefit from shrink wrap packaging as not only does the strength of the shrink wrap protect them from being damaged but it can also shield them from damp, which if given a chance to develop, would ultimately ruin the product. Moreover, shrink wrap also protects linen products from moths, which can cause substantial damage if given the opportunity.


The pharmaceutical industry often uses shrink wrap to package its products for an incredibly important reason; to see if they’ve been tampered with.  Not only does shrink wrap film make it easy to see if pharmaceutical products have been altered, but it also provides durable protection to stop lids or container tops being opened or replaced. This makes it one of the securest forms of packaging for pharmaceutical products.


For timber producers, shrink wrap packaging is a popular choice as it provides excellent protection to the wood during transportation as well as stopping damp or moisture from getting into it and ruining its quality. However, it is vital that both the weight and size of the timber are taken into account when shrink wrapping timber as only the right amount of shrink wrap will provide the best protection throughout the shipment process.

If you have a business within one of these sectors, shrink wrap packaging could prove incredibly beneficial to your business. Here at Kempner, we offer a great range of shrink wrap products to suit a large variety of businesses, from shrink wrap film to shrinkwrap machines. Contact us today to find out more.

Updated for April 2018.