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Easy open packaging falls under the flexible packaging category and is designed for easy opening with no extra physical strength involved. The flexible packaging industry focuses on the product convenience which attracts a large number of consumers. Due to a competitive market, businesses have chosen to adapt to consumer needs, highlighting convenience and easy opening packaging as a way of providing a huge advantage to consumers as it is extremely easy to use.

Bottles waiting to be wrapped in polyolefin shrink film

This market is segmented into material types like steel, cardboard, plastic and more. Cardboard is, in fact, the leading segment in the global market. Based on product type, the market is also categorised as twist caps, tear up, and shrink wrap; including polyolefin shrink film. On the basis of application, the easy opening market is also segmented into cosmetics, electronics, food and beverages and healthcare, with the food and beverages market being the domination segment.

Because of increasing numbers of disposable income and the demand for flexible packaging, it is anticipated to boost the easy opening packaging market in the forthcoming years. In addition, the technological advancements of growing organisations may impact the market in the future as well.

The demand for the easy open packaging has increased by some end-use companies such as chemical, healthcare, cosmetics and toiletries, food and beverages; it is anticipated to increase the global market growth. Easy to open packaging is more convenient for elderly people who have lost their physical strength, making the market stronger.

North America is the most demanding regional segment due to improving lifestyle and adoption of flexible packaging. Europe is the second dominating region for healthy growth in the easy open packaging market. Additionally, growth in Germany and the UK is high owing to rapid technological advancement in these regions. Asia Pacific is significantly growing in the market for easy open packaging due to increasing disposable income and changing preferences.

Companies who are open to getting better leverage from the opening features on their packaging should start with some fundamental considerations. Product characteristics determine the practical boundaries regarding the choice of package type, as well as packaging material. During the package design and development process, your target audience should be considered, but the opening features should not be regarded as foregone conclusions. However, there can be easy ways to incorporate easy opening packaging, for example, bottles with twist-caps or crisps with a peel off opening.

Polyolefin shrink film can be the ideal packaging solution for your business. Here at Kempner, we can use our knowledge and experience to ensure that we provide you with high-quality products at a reasonable price. Contact us for more information.