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It’s not just the highest quality shrink wrap machines available at Kempner, we also stock the highest quality plastic, such as our polyolefin shrink film.

When it comes to films for packaging purposes, polyolefin shrink film is an industry leader known for its durability and ease of sealing and shrinking during the packaging process.

Polyolefin shrink films represent a better mix of the best attributes of PVC shrink films as they are made up of multiple layers composed of individual layers of polyethylene and polypropylene that provide an incredibly strong shrink wrap seal with exceptional tear and puncture resistance attributes.

There are many other attributes that make polyolefin the go-to choice for businesses in a variety of fields. For example, food and produce manufacturers benefit from anti-fog abilities of the plastic, ensuring that their product is always visible. Other additions such as being able to print directly onto the film and handy pre-perforation on the packaging for customer ease also make the film a good all-rounder.

The shrinking window of polyolefin is not quite as big as with PVC film wraps, and hence, packaging equipment generally needs to be of a reasonable standard to provide a good shrink wrap result. Why not look at our range of machines here to reduce this potential risk by making sure you have the best machine for the job at hand? This results in no potential issues arising in pre or post production storage.

Here are just some of the polyolefin films available at Kempner:

Ultra JA Super Flat flow wrap shrink film

Ultra JA is a multilayer polyolefin film with excellent optical properties, superior shrink appearance, and exceptional machinability and sealing properties on all shrink wrap machines available at Kempner.

Ultra JC

An exceptionally strong cross-linked polyolefin shrink wrap film with excellent optical qualities and superb puncture resistance. Thanks to its sealing properties and broad shrink range lend, it is a versatile film which is compatible with most side sealing systems and shrink tunnels, even those where conditions are less than optimum.

Ultra JD

A printable, high-clarity shrink wrap film designed not to promote condensation under ambient temperatures or fog up, offering fantastic clarity making it an ideal shrink wrap film to be used as an overwrap for fresh food and meat products. It has excellent recovery and memory properties that help maintain attractive looking packages from distribution through to consumer handling.

Ultra JH

An irradiated polyolefin shrink wrap film with superior shrink appearance, excellent optical characteristics and very good machinability and sealing properties on all shrink wrapping machines, especially high speed fully automatic shrink wrap packaging machines. Its formulation has been designed to offer a unique combination of exceptional yield and performance.

This shrink wrap film is available in lower than standard gauges to provide a greater yield and cost advantage than conventional polyolefin films.

Ultra JIA and Ultra JIB

These exceptionally strong co-polymer polypropylene films are the perfect addition to high-speed shrink wrapping machines. They are held in high regard within the industry for their stiffness and flatness which boasts exceptionally high clarity and graphic capabilities.

Ultra JF PVC replacement shrink film

A premium, multilayer polyethylene and polypropylene shrink wrap film that boasts excellent tear and puncture resistance. This was designed for use over a broad range of equipment which includes shrink tunnels where air flow can be limited. It is an ideal shrink wrap for irregular shaped packages.

Ultra KCA

Ultra KCA is a durable polyolefin shrink wrap film that combines high puncture and tear resistance with strong optics. A multilayer, low-density polyethylene and polypropylene shrink film, Ultra KCA achieves its high shrink performance in a particularly cost-effective manner.

Ultra KCB

Ultra KCB is supplied where certain applications are particularly demanding, especially when a material is required to shrink at lower temperatures than are normally used.

Ultra NAS

Ultra NAS is a strong and durable polyolefin film that also has great optics, ensuring your product is always seen in the best possible way. This is another great choice for products that need to be wrapped at low tunnel temperatures. It also has short dwell sealing time, as well as excellent puncture resistant properties.

Updated April 2017