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If your business is about selling products, you will know just how important eye-catching packaging is for success – not just for increasing revenue, but for gaining new customers as well.

Alongside this eye-catching and attractive packaging, quality wrapping material is important to not only increase the appeal of the product, but to also provide it with protection and security.

Pears shrink wrapped using polyolefin shrink wrap

What is shrink wrapping?

But why should you use shrink wrap on your products? Firstly, the process of shrink wrapping includes two parts; plastic film and the application of heat. There are many different varieties of shrink wrap film you can choose, from PVC to polyolefin shrink film, depending on what your needs are.

Once the product is wrapped in the plastic film, heat is applied. This heat helps the plastic film to shrink, forming a tight seal around the product. As we mentioned above, this helps to protect the products, as well as improving the appeal and allowing for easier transportation. Alongside this, shrink wrapped products are also easier to store, saving storage space which helps you to save money as a result.

We have looked at some benefits of shrink wrapping products in some more detail below:

Cost effective

Shrink wrap provides a very affordable form of packaging when compared to other options, and due to the nature of the plastic film shrinking and tightly enclosing the product, space is saved, meaning shrink wrapped products do not take up as much space in storage.

Alongside this, shrink wrapped products also require less space in transport, meaning more products can be shipped at once, helping to reduce costs further.


Because different products come in all shapes and sizes, different protection is required for them, and as a result, finding the best packaging can be difficult. But with shrink wrap packaging, almost any item can be securely packaged and protected, both during transportation and at point of sale.

Shrink wrapping shrinks tightly around the product, holding it in one place. Doing this fully protects and encloses the items, protecting them from harmful external factors such as moisture and dirt.


The high-quality plastic film is used when shrink wrapping products and is hard to damage, which means it offers a great form of durability that you may not find with other forms of packaging. Products that are required to travel long distances will benefit from this packaging, as it is much less likely to become damaged in transit.

These are just a few reasons why shrink wrapping can be so beneficial for your products. If you have any questions about which form of shrink wrap would be best for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.