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In today’s market, different varieties of packaging should be attractive but also flexible. The use of shrink wrap and polyolefin shrink film serves as the perfect solution for packaging resolutions for all types of objects with ease and flexibility. The process of shrink-wrapping a product is to seal around an object using heat so that it shrinks around it. The most common films are polyethene, polyolefin and PVC; these films are heated with the help of a machine and wrapped around the product. The reason shrink wrap is so in demand is because it serves the purpose of keeping the product clean, tamper resistant as well as protecting it during transit.

Supermarket food wrapped with polyolefin shrink film

Shrink wrap is used to cover a variety of food items, such as meats, cheese, vegetables and fruit. Therefore, because of the ever-expanding food industry and the safety concerns which are usually due to transit are assisting the shrink wrap industry to thrive.

Over the last few years, there has been a modest rise in shrink wrap packaging being used, thus creating a surge in industrialisation. This is now expected to contribute towards the growth of shrink wrap packaging over the next period.

Because of consumer concerns over the healthy and hygienic food we are expecting to see a major growth in the global shrink wrap industries. Food industry experts are trying to differentiate their products from competitors by utilising their packaging formats and using shrink wrap machines. Because of the flexibility features which shrink wrap provides, it has become the preferred packaging in the global packaging industry.

Market shares for shrink wrap which is used for beverage multipacks in Europe are also expected to account for the highest market share by 2021.

Both Europe and America are expected to continue to grow at a considerable rate during the forecast period. Increasing need for attractive packaging in the beverages industry united with increasing sales of multi-bottle packages is driving the shrink wrap market forward.

Polyolefin shrink wrap has the ability to be stored in a wide temperature range, as well offering a strong and durable seal. Polyolefin shrink wrap can be irradiated for extra strength and also treat hot slip or anti-fog properties.