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Having the right packaging for your product is essential, and with many rules about how to ensure your product is safe and fit for purpose, there are certain standards you must meet.

However, how can you know that the packaging you want is right for your product? Deciding on the best packaging can be a difficult task, so it important to go through a checklist to ensure it meets all of the requirements.


Will it be safe enough?

Packaging’s main purpose is to protect the product, and the packaging option you choose will need to guard it as well as avoiding any damages. You will need to ask yourself if the packaging you want is going to ensure the safety of your product. Will the product stay intact during transport and storage?

Is it attractive?

Packaging plays a big role in the marketing of the product, so it is essential that the packaging is attractive in order to appeal to customers. Is your packaging stylish and shows off its full potential? Bold and unique packaging often attracts a customer’s attention, so it is important to really think about this step.

Easy to open?

Customers aren’t going to enjoy a product if it takes a while to open. Your packaging should be easy to open, as well as making your product easily accessible. If a product is too complicated to open, it can affect the sale, as well as creating negative impact on a brands reputation.

How economical is it to transport?

When choosing your packaging, you will need to take into consideration transport costs. Certain shapes and materials can be cheaper to transport, therefore making a more economical choice. Light weight packaging such as shrink wrap will reduce fuel consumption, making it a cost-effective packaging solution. Are the transportation costs for your chosen packaging completely reduced, or could you find a better shape solution to make transportation more economical?

Does the product have shelf appeal?

It is important that your product has maximum shelf appeal and is incredibly eye-catching. Ask yourself, does the packaging stand out? Is the packaging standing out among competitor products? We suggest checking final display areas to check if the packaging is standing out, or being drowned among other products. The right packaging will instantly catch your eye, so if your packaging is not doing this, you may want to reconsider your choice of packaging in order to drive more sales and ensure success.

The questions above, are only some of the ones you should be asking yourself. You need to make sure the packaging is right for your product, as well as ensuring functionality, customer appeal and safety. When your packaging incorporates these features correctly, you would have made the right choice for your product to truly succeed within the industry.

Investing in packaging machinery can be one the best ways to make sure your packaging is as cost-effective as possible; as well as ensuring that the product is transported safely and making it appealing to your customers. Visit our website to view our range of machines to suit any business type.