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When it comes to food shopping, many of us like to see exactly what we are buying. There’s nothing worse than being wowed by the appearance of a product on its packaging, only to get home and find that in reality, it looks nothing like its depiction on the box!

A selection of red, orange and yellow peppers mixed together

When visiting the supermarket, it’s common to see fruit and vegetables wrapped in polyolefin shrink wrap. This is because this type of packaging not only makes it easier for shoppers to view products before purchasing them but it also enables them to choose products that are right for them regarding both appearance and quality. While these are some of the most appealing aspects of shrink wrap, there are also many other benefits to using this popular packaging including keeping products fresher for longer, protecting them from contamination and providing the utmost efficiency when it comes to packaging waste.

For many food suppliers, the freshness of their food often determines its quality. Consequently, finding a type of packaging that can prevent food from spoiling is of vital importance; shrink wrap not only increases the shelf life of food but it also keeps it fresh. This is demonstrated commonly in the case of cucumbers, which are often encased in shrink wrap packaging for the following reasons:


  • Prevents dehydration of the product, as well as protecting it from any physical damage that may occur during transit.
  • Prevents anyone touching the product before it is purchased.
  • Stops the product experiencing cold injury.
  • Reduces the moisture losses from the fruit once in the fridge.


Additionally, for many shoppers, the visual aesthetics of fresh foods are what constitute their appeal. As such, instead of covering the bright and vibrant colours of fruit and vegetables or concealing the juiciness and succulence of meat, shrink wrap provides a packaging solution that enables the allures of these products to be amplified. Similarly, baked goods are also great for shrink wrapping – who doesn’t like to feast their eyes upon a delicious sweet treat?

Contamination, in all its forms, is also another worry for suppliers when it comes to food packaging. For instance, coming into contact with raw meat can make you incredibly ill and continues to be one of the most common causes of food poisoning. However, by shrink wrapping a product, this hugely lessens the risk of contamination as the impermeable plastic surface and tight seal means that the packaging is not only tamper-proof but also protects the food from coming into contact with anything else.

Finally, whatever industry you’re in, keeping packaging waste to a minimal level is of paramount importance not only regarding your finances but also to protecting the environment. By investing in a shrink wrap machine, you can produce your own shrink wrap, making this a more cost-effective alternative for your business than separately purchasing two or three different types of packaging and thus limiting your impact on the environment.

Here at Kempner, we offer a wide range of shrink wrap products and can provide expert advice for those considering this type of packaging. If you’re a food supplier who would like to find out a little bit more, contact us today or reach out on our social media channels – we’re always happy to help!

Updated for 2018.