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3 Top Tips for Storing Your Stock

By February 19, 2016No Comments

If you’re a small business owner just starting out or expanding your company, these 3 top tips for storing your stock will prove invaluable. However, even if you’re in charge of a bigger operation there may well still be a tip or too that you’ve missed – check them out and see how you could benefit.

  1. Keep Your Records Straight


Don’t just jump straight into the ordering and storing process without making sure you’ve got a plan for the longer term. Start recording everything that you’re ordering straight away so that you have very clear accounts to help you with re-stocking later.

By keeping an eye on your inventory at this early stage, you can also make sure that you know if anything goes missing and close the leaky hole before it gets any bigger. Make sure that you never think about storing your stock without also thinking about recording it and you’ll be able to take much better care of it!

  1. Remember Your Employees Needs

Stack them high and deep, right? Sure, in principle – but be careful in practice, since you don’t want to risk inadvertently blocking your employees’ route to stock that they might need to grab. Consider access and security and you can make the process quicker and more efficient, so although you might not be able to cram quite as much stock in, your bottom line will actually thank you for it.

  1. Protect and Preserve


Nothing is more frustrating than getting half way through your supplies only to find that the rest has gone off, rotted away or otherwise lost its mojo. If this has never happened to you before then just believe us when we say that both your wallet and the company morale will take a big hit: so look after your wares properly!

With high quality shrink wrap packaging and other purpose-made materials you can keep things fresh; again, this is something that you should ensure you’re doing from the word go – don’t wait until later.

We also recommend looking into different methods of stock organisation: you probably want to split up your stock according to type, but the order that you arrange it in will affect how quickly your staff can get to it, and help you keep track better.

Have you found these tips helpful? If so, contact the team at Kempner to find out what else we can do for you!