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Ultra premium irradiated shrink film materials offer the world’s finest range of premium polyolefin shrink films. In detail these are JC, probably the only shrink film you will ever need, JH, which offers exceptional yield and performance and JD anti-fog.

Ultra irradiated shrink films are subject to continuous research and development, in order to both broaden the applications base, and provide the end user with value-for-money shrink packaging solutions.

The Ultra range of irradiated polyolefin shrink films covers the complete spectrum of user requirements, both in food and non food applications.

For shrink wrap film properties, competitive prices and technical information, as well as guidance as to which of the polyolefin shrink films is most suitable for your packaging requirements, we kindly ask that you contact us directly.

Our Ultra Premium Irradiated Shrink Film range consists of the following:

An exceptionally strong cross-linked Polyolefin shrink wrap film, possessing excellent puncture resistance, and superb optical qualities. Its sealing properties, and broad shrink range lend it a versatility that renders it compatible with most sealing systems, and shrink tunnels, even to those where conditions are less than optimum.

Ultra JH Super Thin film

The term Super Thin is the definition that we give to the huge technological advances made in the production of this particular polyolefin shrink wrap film. It is available in lower than standard gauges in order to provide a greater yield and cost advantage than conventional Polyolefin shrink films.

To compensate for its thinness and provide appropriate strength, it is an irradiated polyolefin shrink wrap film, and consequently has excellent optical characteristics, and superior shrink appearance. Additionally its manufacturing process has provided it with very good machinability and sealing properties on all shrink wrapping machines especially high speed fully automatic shrink wrap packaging machines.

Its highly developed formulation has been designed to offer a unique combination of exceptional yield and performance.

Moreover, it cannot be emphasised enough in the context of the desire to deal responsibly with the environment, that the use of thinner films will significantly reduce the volume of plastic entering the waste stream.

In the absence of the creation of a truly biodegradable presentation shrink film, this is no insignificant matter.

Ultra JD Anti Fog Film

This is a printable, high-clarity shrink wrap film designed not to fog up or promote condensation under ambient temperature conditions. An ideal shrink wrap film that can be used as an overwrap for fresh food and meat products. A polyethylene-based shrink film, Ultra JD has excellent recovery and memory properties that help maintain good-looking packages through distribution and consumer handling.