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Printed Shrink Wrap

Kempner’s consultative service means we can match our customer’s needs to the most up-to-date shrinkwrap material, including a range of environmentally friendly options.

  • Polyolefin
  • Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Polyethylene

We can offer printable shrinkwrap films in a range of thicknesses, so contact us to find the most suitable shirnkwrap supplies for your products.

Kempner Have Supplied Printed Shrink Wrap For Over 40 Years

Here at Kempner we can supply a wide range of shrink wrap products. We have a large inventory of shrink wrap films, including printed films that offer our customers the chance to individualise their shrinkwrap packaging with printing.

Simply put, alongside our popular shrink wrap film and biodegradable film, we also produce printed shrink wrap, a product group that opens up a world of creative and marketing opportunities for businesses that wish to take advantage of them. What is printed shrink wrap and what benefits does it afford?

Polyolefin Shrinkwrap

Polyvinyl Chloride Shrinkwrap

Polyethylene Shrinkwrap

Kempner’s Shrink Wrap Systems for Cakes

Printed shrink wrap offers all of the same packaging and display properties as our other shrink wrap films. Indeed, it is made from the same materials, such as polyolefin (POF) or polyvinyl-chloride (PVC).

Printed shrinkwrap is applied in the same way as non-printed film. However, printed shrink wrap has gone through a further process at the manufacturing stage, so printing can be applied. Whether you wish to convey product information, company branding, or a message about the contents within

You could have your corporate logo printed on your shrink wrap to reinforce your brand identity, for example. Equally, you could order shrink wrap with lettering on it to say something like ‘fragile’ or ‘urgent’ so that your deliveries are handled in a certain way.

In other words, you get the same high-quality and high-strength shrink wrap that you know and trust from Kempner, only with the printing you want on it, as well.

Bottle Shrinkwrap Machine

The Key Applications of Printed Shrink Wrap

As mentioned, our printed shrink wrap products offer all of the same durability and ease of use as our unprinted versions.

In addition, purchasing printed shrink wrap will mean being able to obtain an increased level of visibility for your brand when items are in transit or on display in their packaged state in retail outlets.

There will also be the chance to offer information about particular products or to offer key selling points about them on the outer packaging.

Showing Information With Printed Shrink Wrap

Printed shrink wrap can also be used to hold data on batch numbers, QR codes or barcode information to make the work of tracking its movements much easier. This is ideal for businesses which have complex supply chain logistical challenges to overcome, for example.

When you use printed shrink wrap, you will also ensure your products are shipped with greater levels of security. For instance, it is much harder for someone to cut through the outer packaging to get inside and then cover up what they have done when uniquely printed shrink wrap is in use.

Of course, printing your shrink wrap will also mean that less expenditure is required on other types of printed products, such as labels and inserts, because the identity of a consignment can be established simply by looking at the outer packaging.

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