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Plastic Packaging Tax & Post Consumer Waste Shrinkwrap

Kempner has introduced Post Consumer Waste shrinkwrap films:

  • Comprised of greater than 30% recycled consumer waste plastic;
  • Achieve full compliance with the demands of the Plastic Packaging Tax;
  • Effective when used in lower volumes than conventional plastic films

We help our customers achieve economical and efficient shrink wrap solutions to suit their requirements.

The Plastics Tax & PWC Shrinkwrap Film

The Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) comes into force on 1 April 2022. The tax introduces a levy of £200 per tonne on plastics that do not have a content of at least 30% of Post Consumer Waste (PWC).

PPT must be paid by the company or organisation responsible for introducing the plastic packaging to market. This means manufacturers, importers and distributors are likely to incur additional packaging costs. PPT will have no direct impact on consumers, but it is likely that they will see an increase in product prices to account for the increased costs of packaging.

It is important for businesses to note that the waste is not to comprise industrial or process waste from manufacturing. The key element for PWC is that, as the name suggests, it is generated by the ultimate end user. This strategy fits perfectly with the circularity embraced by recycling, which is the route currently favoured by the major retailers, to minimise the environmental impact of plastic packaging.

The Kempner Difference

Kempner truly care about every customer’s commitment to us as shrink wrap suppliers. We ensure that we match that undertaking by offering the best shrink wrapping equipment and film in the market at the lowest possible prices.

What Are The Options For Packaging Products in Light of PPT?

In reality, there is a simple equation to be made in dealing with the PPT. It may well be that the combination of exceptionally low cost films coupled with the PPT is significantly cheaper than an alternative with 30% PCW.

While there are numerous benefits to choosing greener packaging options, the business implications may make changes in the short term a difficult proposition. With minimum cost flexibility during the first two years of implementation it is likely that packaging will be changed only when a production or procurement change is due to occur anyway. For those businesses with long term contracts in there may be opportunities to identify new suppliers to make sure .

Kempner is uniquely placed to be able to purchase films worldwide. We take advantage of our considerable film sales volume combined with our very significant financial resources to buy premium films at the lowest possible cost. We pass on savings to our customers and can support in ensuring the most economical packaging solutions are available. There are various options available to help ease the transition to PWC films. Ultimately companies need to create strategies to achieve full compliance with the demands of the PPT and start to move towards more sustainable practices, so initiatives like PPT are generally good for long term sustainability in the industry.

What Does the Future Hold for Post Consumer Waste Shrink Wrap Plastics?

What Does the Future Hold for Post Consumer Waste Shrink Wrap Plastics?

There are various sustainability considerations, such as resource inputs and recycling, that must be included in the decision to choose a particular packaging solution. Kempner has just introduced our first PWC shrinkwrap material; we will have a number of additional specifications to enhance our specialist range over the coming months. In terms creating solutions to negate PPT we can readily offer a trial of PWC film in various sizes so please don’t hesitate to request further information. We can guarantee the composition of our films and their application in meeting this objective. As we will be continuously improving our offer in this area, we would ask you to contact us at any time for our update on our materials.

PWC shirnkwrap films are aligned with current thinking in sustainable circles, which tend to favour circular economy arguments. In addition to PWC shrinkwrap options, Kempner have a range of shrink wrap films made from materials that are both thinner and stronger than conventional materials. We are also trying to close the loop and become more circular. Kempner have recently worked with the OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) scheme, which provides a means of raising consumer awareness, and guidance toward disposal routes in relation to our films.

If you’d like to find out more about Kempner shrink wrap and our shrink wrapping systems then contact us today on 020 8952 5262. We are more than happy to discuss the range of options to help you identify the most environmentally responsible packaging option for your products.

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