Swing 600

The Swing 600 is a robust and versatile packaging machine that is pretty flexibility in terms of the pack types it can handle. It works perfectly with a variety of shrinkwrap film types including Polyolefin, PVC shrink film and environmentally responsible shrinkwrap materials.



The Swing 600 This type of machinery generally offers a large sealing area that can handle a variety of product sizes and shapes. The features might include digital temperature control, speed-adjustable conveyors, and safety mechanisms to protect the operator.Features include:

Cantilevered design for easy maintenance and cleaning.
Colour touch screen control panel
Speed 20 – 30 packs per minute
Reel width – up to 600mm
Maximum pack height 140mm
Maximum pack length 1000mm
Minimum pack length 50mm
(though not all maximum dimensions can be applied together)
Pack width 50 – 280mm
External film reel diameter 300mm
Electrical supply: 230V 50Hz 1 phase + earth
Power consumption 2.0Kw
Machine weight 300 kgs
Safety guarding