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Swing 600

** innovative **                  **  simple **                   **  economic  **

This is the new and amazingly versatile Swing 600 flow wrapper, so called because it can “swing” into multi operational positions, from fully horizontal, to fully vertical, and to any angle in between.

It is designed for use with OPP and PLA (compostable) flow wrap films. Other films can also be used, depending upon their composition.

The Swing 600 can be used in manual mode, or with photocell pack reading for automatic pack feeding.

Further optional features for pack feeding can include print registration, and date labelling. There is also the option to have the Swing constructed in stainless steel.

Safety Guards are fitted as standard, and the machine is fully CE certified.

Due to its unique design, the sealer head can be rotated through 90 degrees, and for easy maintenance and cleaning.


Swing 600 Machine Technical specification

Pack throughput can be up to 15 subject packs per minute depending upon pack and film in use.

Maximum film width is 600mm

Maximum pack height is 140mm*

Maximum pack length is 1000mm

Minimum pack length is 50mm

Pack width range can be from 50 – 280mm

(*the maximum dimensions cannot be used in conjunction with each other.)

External roll diameter 300mm (maximum).

Power supply requirements 230v 50 Hz 1 phase + earth

Power consumption for this machine is 2 Kw

Machine weight is approximately 300 kg


*At Kempner, we continue to work to improve our range of packaging machinery. With this in mind, please note that we may vary any stated specifications without notice. Here at Kempner we provide a consultative service to help you find the most suitable packaging machinery to suit your business needs. We have a range of packaging machinery options, which can be found here. f you require further information please contact us.