Case Study: Pizza Shrinkwrap Packaging Solution

A well known pizza brand wanted to upgrade their packaging operation. After discussing their individual needs we were able to identify several aspects of the existing operation that could be improved to be more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.

The general requirement was for a high throughput pizza shirnkwrap packaging solution that reduced the manual handling involved in the packaging process. It was important for the solution to work in a chilled environment and the pizza packaging also needed to withstand below freezing temperatures for storage during transit, as well as on display in retail settings and in the consumer’s home.

Why Is Shrinkwrap Good For Chilled and Frozen Pizzas?

Shrinkwrap is commonly used in food manufacturing because it has a number of benefits that other packaging materials cannot offer. For example, it is possible to protect pizza products from spoiling with shrinkwrap films and modern shrinkwrap machinery. This is because when they have been properly applied, shrinkwrap packaging forms an airtight seal around products which prevents oxygen from degrading the products and also protects foodstuffs from contamination.

How Did Shrinkwrap Machinery Improve Packaging Processes Cold And Frozen Pizza?

Our automated shrinkwrap machinery has very high throughput rates when compared to manual and semi-automatic machines. They also dramatically reduce the need for manual handling and labour requirements. Over time, this reduces the reliance on man power and also greatly improves accuracy of the shrink wrapping process. In addition to reducing the man hours that go into packaging, there is considerably less waste when an automatic shrinkwrap machine has been commissioned and set up for a specific product.

When you think about it, shrinkwrap is the perfect packaging material for a wide range of products. It’s strong, watertight, and airtight – perfect for protecting your goods from the elements. But what about food? Can shrinkwrap be used to package food products?

Packaging Machine For Chilled and Frozen Pizza Manufacturer

Kempner recommended the use of automated machinery because it can offer considerable savings on materials and man hours over the life of a machine. The pizzas were to be shrinkwrapped and then placed in a cardboard outer pack with a window to view the product. With this in mind we also recommended a film with good optical qualities to enhance shelf appeal. See our packaging machinery guide and our shrink wrap film products for more information.

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