Case Study: Exam Papers

Exam Paper Shrink Wrap Packaging Solution required for University Press

A University needed to ensure that examination papers were securely packaged and could not be tampered with prior to the examination time and date. Due to the nature of the exam papers their security was paramount, and we had to take this into consideration when choosing the right materials to wrap them in.

At the same time, they also required high output speeds over quite a short period of time to cater for the large quantities of papers that need to be printed and shipped to exam centers.

Shrink Wrapping Machinery and Films For Exam Papers

We recommended our fully automatic combined L-sealer and shrink tunnel (Compacta Monoblock) from our selection of packaging machinery as this would give the customer the flexibility and output that they required. These packaging machines have a high output rate that would meet their printing and packaging requirements for all the exam papers.

Our polyolefin shrink film Ultra type KCA shrink film provided a perfect solution for their packaging requirements. KCA shrink plastic was perfect for this client as it is a tough, durable material that has a high tear and puncture resistance, making it difficult to be tampered with.

This shrink film also had an economical benefit as it is relatively low cost, meaning that the University could afford the wrapping machinery and plastic film required to complete the job whilst keeping their costs down.

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