Chocolate Shrink Wrap Packaging Solution For Hand-Made Chocolate Manufacturer

A chocolate manufacturer needed a chocolate shrink wrap packaging solution that reflected the particularly high quality of their hand-made chocolates. For premium quality products the packaging is essential for making the product appealing to the demographic. Our selection of packaging machinery and shrink wrapping film includes products that can create a high quality wrapping solution for any product.

Finding The right shrink packaging machine and shrink plastic for chocolate products

The key to this successful solution was the shrink film that we recommended – Ultra JD shrink film. This kind of shrink film is perfect for chocolate and other small products as it is printable and also has anti-fog properties – so you won’t find that the shrink plastic causes clouding or condensation in ambient temperatures.

Kempner supplied the shrink wrap film and one of our Mid-sized Bubble seal and shrink units from our range of packaging machinery, which allowed to customer to complete their shrink wrapping needs to a high standard using the best quality materials and machinery.

The chocolate manufacturer has found this combination of shrink wrap equipment and shrink film to ideally match their requirements, with ultra JD shrink plastic being the ideal material for their purposes. JD shrink wrap film has properties that allow it to retain it’s shape and structure, making it ideal for wrapping complicated products or shapes, providing ideal security for retail products that are on display.

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