Case Study: Book Shrinkwrap Packaging Machinery

Book Packaging Machine Solution For An Educational Book Publisher

An educational book publisher wanted to package some educational toys together with books, and they came to us as their chosen shrink wrap suppliers for their product.

The shrink packaging requirement was to shrink wrap the toy and book together to ensure that they were not separated in any way and at the same time benefited from the best possible presentation. Our extensive experience with packaging machinery and shrink plastic allowed us to provide an ideal solution.

Packaging Machine For Educational Book Publisher

Kempner recommended the use of Ultra KCB shrink wrap film to ensure that the pack had particularly high abuse resistance, which was especially important as the magazine and toy were aimed at children. The book and toy were to be sold as one unit, and accordingly we supplied the particular shrink film which was optically attractive as well durable enough to both protect the toy and the book in transport and enhance its shelf appeal.

The book publisher purchased a Bubble seal and shrink unit to provide the overall packaging facility from our range of packaging machines.

See our packaging machinery guide and our shrink wrap film products for more information.

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