Why Is Shrinkwrap Packaging Great For Pizzas?

Pizza is one of the most popular convenience foods available in the United Kingdom and the ease of cooking pizzas at home in an oven or a microwave has led to sales rising consistently year on year (insert link). Shrink wrap is a perfect option for pizzas because shrinkwrap can create an airtight seal around products when it has been properly applied by suitable packaging machinery.

One of the main challenges for producers is to make sure their products are transporting and preserving them after they have been made. Whether pizzas are sold fresh or frozen it is important for them to be protected when they are transported to retailers and supermarkets. The other problem with perishables is that they must also remain fresh for long enough to reach the consumer and also be presentable too. 

Choose Environmentally Friendly Packaging Options

The newest generation of shrinkwrap materials are greener than ever before. It is now possible to get all of the benefits of shrink wrap packaging with materials that contain renewable materials. There are also packaging options that can be recycled or composted too, which is great for reducing the ecological footprint of packaging materials.

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