Shrink wrap packaging is an industry that is growing day by day as more and more organisations realise the benefits of owning their own shrink wrap machinery, making their daily tasks easier, more efficient and cost effective. However, for those who do not yet have a manufacturing device such as this, there are many different types of machinery that you can purchase for your business to help you pick out which one will best fit your needs. Here we have a short guide to help you find the perfect solution. The process of shrink-wrapping items can be done completely automatically, semi-automatically or manually. Chamber Shrink Wrap Packaging Machines This is a semi-automatic option, which is usually the best option for small businesses, at the more basic level of shrink-wrapping machinery. With a simple procedure you can wrap a variety of different objects in just a few seconds. The speed of this part of the chain purely depends on that of the person in control, with most of the process being carried out by hand with the simple use of a handle for control. There is also options for seal only or shrink and seal, the chamber shrink wrap machine is available in several different sizes. Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Packaging Machines This next level adds an element of automation to the process, making for a much more time efficient procedure. Taking away the need for a person to transfer the object to the shrink tunnel, with this machine, an operator is only needed to slot the object into the shrink wrap film and push it towards the rollers. This machine is fully adjustable, from the height, positioning and temperature so that you can find the optimum settings. Available in a range of sizes, you can be sure that there will be one to suit your very needs. Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Packaging Machines At the higher end of the range comes the fully automatic shrink wrap packaging machinery. This takes up much less manpower, working with little to no help to complete the process. These machines manage to pack at a staggering rate, beginning at around 25 packs per minute, and top speeds reaching around 100 packs per minute. This could speed up your packaging production line by a substantial amount, saving you time, energy and ultimately, money. Whether you require the machine to package simple item shapes or more complex, individual options, our fully automatic machines are suitable to pack nearly any type of shape. If you need further information when making a choice on which machine would be most suitable for your business, feel free to get in touch with us and let us help you find your perfect plastic packaging option!

Three reasons why shrink wrap film is beneficial for your products

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No matter what your product, one of the most important factors that comes with selling that product is making sure it has packaging that is eye catching and appealing to the consumer which is why shrink wrap film is so beneficial. An appealing packaging solution will not only be engrained in to a repeat customer, it will draw in new customers as well.Shrink wrap film is not only just for display purposes it is also the go to material to ensure your product survives the rigours imposed during transit from point A to B. Shrink wrap film is also chosen for its eco-friendly attributes as once you’re are done with it, it can be recycled and used again.

At Kempner you can acquire everything you need to start packaging your product. You start by wrapping the product – which can be any size or shape in the shrink wrap film – and placing it in the shrink wrap machine. Using heat, the plastic film begins to shrink and seal the product which not only protects it from wear and tear, but saves storage space and heightens the products appeal.

Read below to see three more major benefits of using shrink wrap film to package your product:


Shrink wrap product packaging offers a greater level of durability than any other packaging. The plastic film used in shrink wrap film product packaging such as Polythene (PE) Shrink Film, Polyolefin (PO) and Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is of a high quality and is hard to pierce and tear making it a perfect choice for products that have long transit times.


If you look in front of you now, you will see many different items and products of varying sizes, weights and shapes which would all require numerous degrees of protection and packaging. Shrink wrap film eliminates the trouble of trying to find a suitable packaging method. With shrink wrap films and machines any item can be packaged and once enclosed is protected by potentially harmful factors such as air, moisture and dirt as shrink wrap product packaging shrinks tightly over a product holding it securely.


Another reason why shrink wrap film packaging could be the right choice for your business is cost effective attributes in all sectors. The plastic films are extremely lightweight compared to other hard casing plastic packaging, meaning you will spend less when purchasing shrink wrap films. Once shrink wrapped, your products will take up less space in your factory, work shop or private storage and it also requires less space in transport which means more products can be shipped at once.

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